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Welcome to Trinity School,
specialist SEN school for cognition and learning.


Headteachers message - Nursing


 Drop off and pick up times update



To all our Trinity families,
A Serious Reminder
Thank you so much to all of you who have been testing a family member for COVID so that we can keep the Trinity population safe.
Please keep taking your home tests.
Please keep children and young people at home if anyone in the household has symptoms.
Please keep children and young people at home if anyone in the household tests positive.
Please keep us informed so that we can act quickly when we have a positive result.
Take care and stay safe, and help us to keep Trinity safe,
Kind regards, 

Sue Ball



Please click here to view video guidance on how to access Microsoft Teams.


Phone: 020 3435 5955



You can also contact Marlene Raji and Leigh Burns - School Nursing team on:


Marlene Raji:

Phone: 07730 619948  E-mail: specialistschoolnursingb&


Leigh Burns:

Phone: 07939 453362  E-mail: specialistschoolnursingb&