Trinity School


Our School

Trinity School is a centre of excellence for the education of pupils with severe learning difficulties and autism. Exceptional leadership permeates the school. The senior team is constantly striving for the best. Energy is focused effectively and efficiently on actions which have a strong impact on the standards the pupils achieve. Staff have developed extensive specialist knowledge and understanding of how their pupils learn best.

(Ofsted July 2007)

The vision for Trinity School

The school aims to provide a vibrant inclusive education community within which all members, staff, students and parents are continuously learning together for the mutual benefit of all.

We intend to enhance existing provision to provide a long term, sustainable service for, pupils and families in order for them to acquire skills and strategies for life long learning and independent living within the context of the community in which they live.

We want our learners to feel good about themselves; to feel they have something to offer; to aspire to achieve their own individual goals.

We want them to feel safe and secure. We want them to feel valued within their community and able to contribute and to give them a chance to move into work and lifelong learning.

We are committed to making sure that everyone has access to the same levels of opportunity. 

The community we serve

Trinity is a special school for over 280 pupils aged 3-19 with diverse learning difficulties. Trinity is the only special school in Barking and Dagenham but is currently significantly oversubscribed.

A wide range of special educational needs is reflected in the school population and we serve pupils with:

  • Autistic Spectrum Disorder
  • Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties
  • Severe Learning Difficulty

The intake is largely from assessment bases within the Local Authority 90% and 10% from neighbouring boroughs. Admission to the school may occur at any point in a pupil’s school career.

All pupils have Statements of Special Educational Need or are placed for assessment purposes.

Assessments undertaken by professionals during the Statutory Assessment process provide attainment data on entry which is significantly below that of mainstream pupils

What are we aiming for?

To enable our pupils and their families stay close together and acquire skills which will support the ability to live independent lives as possible within their community.

The school seeks to play our part in counteracting the local cycle of deprivation by teaching relevant skills and supporting families and the work force in raising expectations and fulfilling aspirations.

To establish models of best practice which can be shared with colleagues across the local authority to ensure that there is a continuity of approaches for people for whom access to services and support will be life long.

To foster a well trained work force with competencies in key pedagogies via access to high quality staff training facilities.

To use staff development as a means of securing planned succession and ensure the continuity of effective teaching.

To promote attainment and achievement of all pupils regardless of their disability

To support the school’s raising attainment agenda through a focus on pedagogies

To teach the pupils skills which will enable them to be as independent as possible and live in their local community.

To foster partnership between Trinity school, the parents, the Local Authority and partner schools/services in sharing our practices for the benefit of children and young people with disabilities in our community.

To promote the inclusion of all pupils in the curriculum of the school and life in the community via effective pedagogy and facilities.