Trinity School

Indoor rowing competition


13 of our students from Upper School and FEC were invited to take part in the National Junior Indoor Rowing Championships. 

The event was held at Lea Valley Athletics Centre. It's the largest junior indoor rowing event in the world and we were proud to be a part of it! There was such a mix of schools from all over the country from local schools such as All Saints and Robert Clack to schools from Plymouth and beyond. 

The students that were selected to take part in the event were an asset to the school. They were extremely well behaved whilst waiting patiently for their event. Once in the 'holding pen' (where the contestants had to wait to be called) they were given their number as to which rowing machine to go on. Our students were in a heat of 30 SEN  pupils and from those 30 students Japhet took 3rd place. We then had to wait in anticipation for the other 2 heats to finish. Unfortunately Japhet's fantastic distance of 525m in 2mins did not place, with the first place contestant achieving a staggering 625m. Every pupil tried their very best and the result did not upset the smile on the students' faces who all said they enjoyed the day and were very thankful for the opportunity.

When asked if they would like to have another go next year they all replied yes. It really was a fantastic experience and some of the students are already thinking of training to improve and narrow the gap between their distance and the winner of the competition which is great to hear!

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